Sustainable Forestry

African Equatorial Hardwoods

In partnership with Corà Wood Gabon, we have formed African Equatorial Hardwoods, which holds forestry assets and wood processing operations in Grande Mayumba, Guietso and Port Gentil. Our forestry operations at Grande Mayumba and Guietso entail harvesting both commercial and lesser-known wood species on a balanced, low impact and ecologically sustainable basis at sufficient scale to be viable (currently 25,000 m3 p.a.).

Currently higher value logs and peeler quality wood is sent to the Port Gentil processing facility to produce veneers, plywood and kiln-dried sawn timber. By 2025, we will have expanded our forestry operations and wood processing capacity at Grande Mayumba, investing in skills training and community support, infrastructure and logistics capacity, R&D and market development.

A new processing mill will be built at Mangali, adjacent to the Mayumba port, which is anticipated to process around 50,000 m3 of wood p.a. The processing of natural hardwoods at Mangali will ultimately be complemented by timber from plantation forests within Grande Mayumba for the regional construction industry.