sustainable development

An integrated approach to climate-smart development

African Conservation Development Group (ACDG) is an experienced developer of integrated land-use projects in Africa, specialising in climate-smart, conservation-led development.

We develop sustainable land-use projects that unlock commercial value from an ecosystem while conserving biodiversity and improving local livelihoods. Our projects have a strong focus on climate change mitigation and the generation of carbon credits.

Grande Mayumba, our flagship project, is based in southern Gabon.

We hold the rights to consolidate and sustainably develop a land area of 731,000 hectares for commercial agriculture, forestry and ecotourism, which will be accompanied by the delivery of new transport, power and municipal infrastructure to the region. We have set aside one third of the project area as a conservation arc, covering coastal, estuarine, montane and savannah ecosystems, to ensure that valuable biodiversity is protected.