Integrated sustainable
land-use planning

Grande Mayumba

We hold long-term rights to consolidate and sustainably develop a land area of 731,000 hectares of forested and savannah land in Nyanga Province, southern Gabon .

The establishment of forestry, agriculture and ecotourism businesses, supported by regional infrastructure, is detailed in the Grande Mayumba Sustainable Development Plan, which conforms to Gabon’s Sustainable Development Law. We have set aside one third of the project area as a conservation arc, covering estuarine, montane and savannah ecosystems to ensure that critical biodiversity is protected.

Over the next few years, more than US 160 million will be invested in commercial activities and infrastructure at Grande Mayumba, generating around 2,400 new jobs and providing much-needed socio-economic benefit. Over 25 years, we expect to avoid +- 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions in the project area, preventing unplanned development, deforestation and degradation of the ecosystem while delivering sustained commercial value.

Avoided Carbon Emissions

Our carbon methodology conforms to Gabon’s Sustainable Development Law. The avoided emissions resulting from implementation of our sustainable development plan, versus an unplanned business-as-usual scenario, can be calculated, verified and monetised in the form of carbon or sustainable development credits.

The current stock of stored carbon at Grande Mayumba has been calculated at +-434 MtCO2e. The unplanned development scenario indicates a 52% loss of carbon (225 MtCO2e) over 25 years. In contrast, our planned development indicates a 5% loss of carbon over 25 years, representing a potential avoidance of +-200 MtCO2e emissions. This saving, to be verified through ongoing carbon measurement, will produce credits that are tradable.