Our focus in Gabon

The Congo Basin – the world’s second largest tropical forest spanning six countries in Central Africa – is considered the most important global carbon sink after the Amazon. Gabon, located in this equatorial African region, is host to extraordinary biodiversity, with tropical forest covering 85% of its landscape. In 2002, 13 National Parks were created in Gabon, protecting 11% of its territory and establishing the country as a leader in mainstreaming conservation in development policy and planning. The country has been ranked as the second highest performer in Africa across a range of environmental indicators.

Gabon has demonstrated leadership in pioneering new models for sustainable green growth. Rooted in the national strategic plan, Gabon Emergent. It advocates a progressive approach to economic diversification, reducing dependency on oil revenues, and transforming natural resources carefully to create sustainable value for future generations.  Our Grande Mayumba project is dedicated to supporting this endeavour.