Grande Mayumba Port and Services Company

Logistics, shipping and loading facilities will be built at the new shallow-water Mangali port to support the Grande Mayumba businesses and the emerging regional economy these will stimulate. Formal application for a 50-ha zone around the Mangali port to be declared a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is currently under way.

To cater for the significant anticipated population growth and to ensure this does not result in unmitigated environmental degradation, we have developed a municipal infrastructure plan, to cater for the influx of an additional 30,000 – 40,000 people. This includes the provision of water, sanitation, electricity, roads, stormwater drains and solid waste management in the Mayumba area.

Development of the Pembi Quarry +-40 km from Mangali Port will provide +-360,000 m3 annually of  aggregate for the national construction sector.