Unlocking natural capital value

Environmental Finance

As the world focuses on tackling climate change and biodiversity loss, there is growing interest in investing in natural capital to reduce carbon emissions, restore biodiversity, and boost sustainable economic growth. About half of global GDP depends on ecosystem services, yet there are currently few opportunities to invest in natural capital.

Our company adopts an integrated approach to land development in Africa that takes natural capital value into account. At Grande Mayumba in Gabon, we have recorded the natural capital value of the 730,000 ha landscape on our balance sheet, and we are able to value the carbon emissions we avoid due to our sensitive, planned approach, which is in accordance with Gabon’s Sustainable Development Law.

Through a formal agreement, our company is supporting Gabon to develop the technical requirements to measure and value its carbon assets in terms of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) obligations under the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement. This will enable Gabon to access climate financing from international development capital markets and will also provide the mechanism for Grande Mayumba to monetise its avoided emissions. 

Overall, our expertise in structuring climate finance solutions, enhanced through our innovation hub, ForestLAB, means we can make a valuable contribution to climate positive investment.