About Us

About Us

Our Model

Putting people and nature at the heart of development

The foundation of our integrated approach is the optimisation of land-use. We design plans at significant scale, that promote commercial, social and ecological prosperity.

Unplanned urban development, rapid agricultural expansion and over-exploitation of forests inevitably leads to environmental degradation, soaring carbon emissions and reduced quality of life. Our systematic approach optimises natural capital and delivers significant economic, environmental and social benefits against the alternative of unplanned development.

Our Group

As the world focuses on tackling climate change and biodiversity loss, there is growing interest in investing in natural capital to reduce carbon emissions, restore biodiversity and boost sustainable economic growth.

The African Conservation Development Group’s (ACDG’s) integrated land development programmes are designed to take natural capital value into account. The foundation of our approach lies in systematic planning and the optimisation of land-use to deliver landscape-wide economic, environmental and social benefits.

The philosophy guiding our approach has evolved over decades.

Thirty years ago, ACDG’s founders conceptualised the notion that underutilised land and natural resources could produce attractive returns while restoring ecological integrity. Their company, Conservation Corporation (now &Beyond), grew to become Africa’s leading conservation development and ecotourism group. Their natural resource-based model, developed in the 1990s, underpinned the growth of Sustainable Forestry Management, a global developer of sustainable forestry projects, carbon offset and environmental finance programmes.

Now under the umbrella of The African Conservation Development Group, this team brings together world-leading expertise in the fields of ecology, wildlife tourism, sustainable forestry, natural capital valuation, climate finance and carbon offset markets. This includes accounting methodologies for natural capital valuation, which have become generally accepted today. Our expertise is enhanced through our research and innovation hub forestLAB, in partnership with the London School of Economics and the University of Stirling, enhancing our ability to contribute to climate positive investment and development programmes in Africa.